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Is it a young girl or and old women?

What a man sees before and after six beers


Is it a picture of the devil or six women?



This one will make you dizzy. Try focusing on just the center circle while moving your head.



Stare at the black spot in the center of the four colored squares for about 30 seconds. Then scroll down and move your gaze to the black spot in the uniform white area. Note the colors of the afterimages relative to the colors of the original stimuli. Did they appear different?


Do you see a young woman or an old man?



What do you see? A face or the word "liar"?



Count the faces. There are 11 hidden in this picture!



The weird nut



The weird nut



Do you see a woman or a former President Clinton playing his instrument?



What do you see?



What is wrong with this picture? Look at it upside down



What do you see?



It is real



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